Restaurant Meating

Grafenauweg 6, 6300 Zug

Businesses are buzzing all around, although in this place, it’s all about enjoyment. In Restaurant Meating, located in an office building, the grill is set up in the guest room. On this grill, 150 to 400 grams of meat and fish from around the region are prepared. A vegetarian dish is also offered daily. The after-work drink can be ordered at the bar.

  • Fish from around the region
  • Grill specialties prepared on an open grill
  • After-work drinks at the bar
  • Stylish ambiance and sophisticated atmosphere

Young, innovative, fresh, and local is probably the best description. This restaurant has something to offer for everyone's taste. Whether for meat lovers, vegetarians, business people, wine experts, or workers enjoying a closing-time drink, Restaurant Meating is prepared to serve anyone who wants to enjoy culinary highlights in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Allow your taste buds to be immersed in a different world of delicacies, with carefully selected ingredients, juicy steaks from around the region, and fresh fish, all combined with exquisite side dishes.

Moreover, delicious barbecue specialties are prepared on an open grill right before the guests. Hospitality and outstanding service are among their strengths. The the stylish atmosphere invites visitors to sit back and relax.


Nest Temporary GmbH

Sempacherstrasse 1
CH-6003 Lucerne
+41 41 418 40 84


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